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The Greg Louganis podcast will challenge what you think you know. From mental health, to human potential and the imaginary boundaries that we put on others and ourselves.

Each week Greg examines both age-old and emerging topics, while getting to know the visionaries and everyday heroes of our time.

Greg takes you on an eye opening and at times cathartic journey, captivating you through his masterful storytelling and genuine curiosity.

Now you’re probably wondering: “Where the heck did this name come from?” Well, the kudos have to go to Russ on the production team. In one of the planning sessions it was discussed that if you type Greg’s name into Google these 4 questions are consistently high in the auto-complete results:

Is Greg Louganis alive?
Is Greg Louganis still alive?
Is Greg Louganis still living?
Is diver Greg Louganis still alive?

go ahead… give it a go… we’ll wait 😉

So anyhow… it seems people really want to know:
Is Greg Louganis alive?

Yes, Greg Louganis IS Alive…

And for those of you who don’t know him, Greg Louganis is known the world over  as the GOAT of Diving, having amassed more awards than anyone in the sport including 5 Olympic medals. Some of these he won while undergoing grueling treatment for HIV in the 1980’s. After the Olympics he immersed himself in acting and dance, which led him to star in a one man show on Broadway. 

Greg is so iconic that his name is a verb, most often associated with resiliency and elite level peak performance.

He brings his inquisitive nature, unique perspective and passion for excellence into everything he does as an author, actor, public speaker, agility dog handler and now, podcast host.

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