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The Greg Louganis podcast will challenge what you think you know. From mental health, to human potential and the imaginary boundaries that we put on others and ourselves.

Each week Greg examines both age-old and emerging topics, while getting to know the visionaries and everyday heroes of our time.

Greg takes you on an eye opening and at times cathartic journey, captivating you through his masterful storytelling and genuine curiosity.


The GOAT x Your Brand

Known the world over as the greatest of all time, Greg’s fans and followers also know him to be a shining example of truth and authenticity. They appreciate and engage with his unique storytelling and heartfelt shares.

Greg is known the world over for his easygoing nature and natural authenticity. His followers and fans know he does not endorse a brand he does not believe in. They further understand how particular Greg’s standards are. With a degree in Acting and many screen and stage credits under his belt, Greg strives to deliver the perfect message. What does all this mean to your brand? Greg’s pursuit of excellence does not stop at sport. As a professional actor, he is committed to providing an impactful message for the audience and that audiences knows your product or service has been carefully selected.

If your brand is aligned with any of the following Greg would love to work with you.

Foster Care
Mental Health
Sport / Exercise
Outdoor Living
Meditation / Yoga
Human Rights
Environmental Issues
Social Good



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